From the ink-pen... Such bloody, dark ink.

These works in progress have rumbled for years within the depths. They threaten now to explode and appear before you in steaming ink and blasted pages.

The Sisters of Prophecy, a series

  Epic dark fantasy and horror spanning the modern age and beyond where ancient clans of glamorous witches battle for control of mankind; their beautiful temples spanning space and time, their stone gates bridging travel between. Forever grappling as they whisper advice and spells into the ears of the powerful.

. . . The Sisters of Ash, Book One:

  Marie Gowen returns to Stokes, Oklahoma to realize nothing has changed in the family, nor has their struggle with the others in town; where bloodline is everything. In the Victorian-era family manse, strange memories of mermaids haunt her as she works beside Lake Eternity, and stranger conflicts loom between her mother and aunts. A titan struggle erupts when she discovers her place in the line of queens--and her seemingly sheltered life is flipped upside down as the factions struggle to claim her power for their own.


  A baseball game in rain turns tragic. Struck by lightning in a horse pasture, three young teen boys, badly burned, are carried over to a nearby whitewashed church. The preacher's blind daughter Katie is drawn to a lifeless boy and she brings him back with the touch of her hands. Jimmy wakes, free of pain, burns healing instantly. He asks the girl to help him, and they raise the other two boys to consciousness and health. The preacher proclaims a faith miracle; an incredible revival and media circus descend on the small town of Cedar. Together the two teens change tens-of-thousands drawn to them. Terrible greed and wild dogmatism seize Reverend Lee Cain, and things turn. Katie and Jimmy must flee when the preacher discovers they now love each other, and his wrath grows murderous.

I hope with luck to have these stories released by Sigil Books next year.