I write stories about people in deep shit... 

Words, sentences, paragraphs, chapters, books, series, worlds.

Monstrous, crumbling worlds filled with terrified people fleeing horror, death, and destruction, teetering on the brink of eternal fate, a yawning black chasm; just down the street from you, me, our families, everyone we love.

Terrible worlds where people rise up and shield the ones they love against this roiling madness poised to swallow us all. Where many fail, and a few die as heroes.

I love reading. Literature--high-minded or low and cunning. Both are good for the soul.

They call what I write horror, but isn’t life more than that? I write about beauty and majesty too. It varies depending on the moment in the story. My experiences and imaginings lend themselves to these moments. They flow together like traffic on a roadway, making for either a fine Sunday drive or a forty car pileup.

I taught English classes, American Literature, and Creative Writing for a number of years, but have left those pursuits behind, I write full time now. I have left the stately libraries to squat in the mud. It is earthy here, mossy, and true. It’s stuffy up there with all that pontification. I had to open the windows and fly away.

After falling away from the dogmatic faiths, I found my solid footing at the bedrock bottom of reality, where I am now building a temple to humanity—one story at a time—spiraling out to the stars.

I love beautiful things, fine art, literature, philosophy, psychology, humanism, mythology, theology; grotesque things, supernatural fiction, religious texts, and crazy stories—tales of unhinged horror and madness in particular. I despise quite a few things, political and otherwise, to remain unnamed and blameless at this time.

I have settled here in the shadow of the City to sing.


Author Bryan Phoenix, a Contemporary American Literature Professor Emeritus and Distinguished Scholar in Residence, now retired from the university, writes Horror and Suspense stories. Secretly writing for twenty years, yet now freed from the confining shackles of his former masters, Bryan has decided to unleash his skeletons upon the public.

Bryan lives with his wife and daughters in Oklahoma--on windy plains at the edge of the decaying City.